Ultimate Nissan LEAF Battery Upgrade (62kWh)

From Dala’s EV Repair.

We’ve done the budget, now it’s time for the deluxe upgrade!

First of all, I recommend checking out the earlier battery upgrade videos. Then check out this text based guide to get more familiar with what is needed. https://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?t=32819

This video just goes thru the specific challenges related to the larger 62kWh, and what extra work that is required to make it fit.

Part numbers:
The part number is 55020-5SJ1B for ePlus rear springs, 2 needed.
748N3-5SN0A Splash shield 3
748N2-5SN0A Splash shield 2
74811-5SN0A Splash shield 1
740D1-5SN0A Rear mount LH side
740D0-5SN0A Rear mount RH side