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When Hyundai introduced the Kona Electric 2018, it went fairly unnoticed. Electric cars were still considered to be quirky choices and accounted for a tiny fraction of new car sales. But along with its sister car, the Kia eNiro, the Kona Electric soon developed a loyal fan base. Here was a car that could offer 280 miles of driving range, incredible efficiency and a loaded spec sheet. For a long time, it stood head and shoulders above all its rivals for value.

And better than that, when the UK Government was really pushing electric in 2018, it was offered with a £4,500 government plug-in car grant – so that was money straight back into your pocket – for a car with the most range that qualified for the grant at the time. Suddenly, charging infrastructure wasn’t so much of a problem, and longer commutes and trips became easy. Well, easi…er. 

And that was mainly down to the 201bhp motor up front and 64kWh battery that the longer-range Kona was packing under the floor. There was also a smaller, more urban-biased 39kWh version with a still-pretty-good 194miles of range – though that also has less power at 134bhp. It was also less popular with buyers, so you won’t see so many of them for resale.

So given that there’s a few cars out and about on the pre-loved circuit, what kind of money are we talking about for a second hand Kona? Well, with electric car supply starting to get sorted, and more cars coming onto the market, prices have started to correct to the slightly more affordable. 

With lots of cars coming off their lease arrangements, you can find some lovely stuff. So for the car you really want – the longer-range 64kWh battery – £16k to £17k will see a Premium with around 60k miles. There are cars for less than £14k, but they have much higher mileages – a conceit of being able to do longer distances with decent range. People really have used these cars just like they would any other. And they’ve been fine. 

Another point is that Konas were originally made in a place called Ulsan in South Korea, with only a few coming over to the UK. But from 2020 they started being made in Czech Republic in Europe, so there’s lots more from that kind of age. So don’t be surprised that a lot of the cars are a little bit younger.

To find out more, join Nicki as she takes you through all the key points of the Hyundai Kona Electric. Do you have one? Are you looking to buy? Let us know in the comments below.


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