V2G 101 – How Soon Can We Embrace This Technology? with Claire Miller | The Fully Charged Podcast

From Everything Electric Show.

In this episode, Robert welcomes an innovator, engineer, and advisor at the intersection of mobility and energy, Claire Miller. Claire works with businesses that are starting, scaling, and transforming to meet the urgent need to decarbonise. Previously, as Director of Tech & Innovation, Claire was a member of the founding team at Octopus Electric Vehicles.

Claire led the delivery of the world’s first ‘Powerloop’ domestic vehicle to grid (V2G) trial, and architected the digital environments of the start-up EV leasing business. She is an enthusiastic educator and tech communicator, sharing knowledge and experience through media, conferences, and events with a diverse range of industry and academic audiences.

Fresh after seeing each other at Fully Charged North, Robert and Claire talk about the success of the Live show and all things V2G.

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