Volkswagen’s Sharan Is The Pragmatic Euro Hauler We Need In America

From Alex on Autos.

Sometimes our cousins in Europe get the best things, don’t appreciate them, and then they’re gone. Case in point: the seriously solid VW Sharan. What is it? Well, imagine a Toyota Highlander competitor based off a VW Golf with minivan sliding doors. Yep, that’s a Sharan. You could get it with VW’s excellent 2.0L turbo, AWD, and a 6-speed manual (although not all at the same time) and it’s a case study in efficient packaging. On the outside it’s more RAV4 sized than anything, but on the inside the seating is practical and roomy with a more comfortable 2nd row than you’d expect. The bummer? VW already cancelled it ostensibly in favor of the new ID.Buzz, the all electric VW bus replacement.

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