VW ID Buzz LWB – The Perfect Family EV !

From OnlyElectric.

This is our in-depth review of the VW ID Buzz LWB. We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience. The VW ID Buzz LWB (long wheel base) marks the return of the VW Microbus to the US market. It will also be available worldwide and is 25 cm or 10“ longer than the short wheel base version. It features 6 or 7 seats and is thus also one of the rare 7-seater EVs on the market. The interior is vegan / animal-free and made of recyclables.

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00:00 New VW ID Buzz long wheel base
00:37 Length SWB vs LWB
01:04 RWD vs AWD GTX
02:03 Battery kWh and range estimate
02:30 Illuminated logo and hood
03:13 Interior: doors and seats
04:15 Electrochromic panoramic roof
04:27 Cockpit and trims
05:55 Infotainment system
06:46 Sliding doors 2nd row
07:56 3rd seating row
09:03 Trunk / boot and taking out seats
11:31 VW Comeback with the 7-seater EV?

#VWIDBuzz #VWMicrobus

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