We Got It All Wrong About Plant Based Food. Here’s Why!

From Everything Electric Show.

No one likes to be told what to do and definitely not what to eat. So even though we know that plant based diets have been proven to be better for the planet, there are still stigmas attached to making the switch. In this episode, Robert went to meet plant based chefs, Ian and Henry, aka the Bosh Boys, to find out if plant based cooking really is lower in carbon, cheaper, easy, healthy and importantly, delicious! Join Robert as he puts his plant based questions to the Bosh boys and batch cooks some delicious meals for the week!
Fancy a go at making these dishes? Here’s the link to all the recipes featured, and scroll to the bottom to find out how you can see the BOSH! chefs at one of our live events! https://fullycharged.show/about-fully-charged/fully-charged-show-x-bosh/

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00:00 Bosh!
00:36 Beef Ragu!
02:50 Plant Based vs Vegan?!
05:18 How sustainable is it really?
07:27 Avoiding food waste
09:24 Enough protein?
11:38 What about land use?
12:59 Shepherd’s Pie
17:09 1 batch, 5 different dishes
18:21 Mushrooms vs Beef
18:49 Taste test!
20:30 See the Bosh Boys live!

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