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Sponsored video: Making the switch to an electric car is pretty big news. And no matter how much journalists like us tell you what a car is like, most buyers have some doubts. You’ll want to know if it will work for your lifestyle, how you’ll charge, can you fit the kids in, will it be reliable? These are all sensible questions which hold many drivers back.

Back in 2011, Electrifying.com’s Tom Barnard, bought a Nissan LEAF and whilst he was the first electric car driver on his street back then.

After Tom bought his LEAF, he started to get questions from neighbours in his village – who were curious about going electric themselves – and before too long Tom’s wasn’t the only LEAF on his street. In fact, so many people were persuaded to go electric, Tom’s road became known as LEAF Street.

Join Nicola as she takes a trip to LEAF Street and meets some of the owners who have made the switch, including Ivor, who is 92 and charges his Leaf almost entirely from solar panels.

Have you helped neighbours make the switch to electric? Are they still talking to you or have they helped others? As always, we love to hear your comments.