What Happens When You Plug Your Electric Car Into a DC Fast Charger?

From EVgo.

Join EVgo’s Chief Technology Officer, Ivo Steklac, as we follow the electrifying conversation that happens when you plug your electric car into a direct current (DC) fast charger. If you’d like to learn more about volts, amps, and other EV terminology, visit www.EVgo.com/EV101.

EVgo is one of the largest public fast-charging networks for electric vehicles and is powered by 100% renewable energy. With more than 850 fast charging locations, EVgo’s owned and operated charging network serves over 60 metropolitan areas across 30 states and includes more than 500,000 customer accounts. Founded in 2010, EVgo leads the way in transportation electrification, partnering with automakers; fleet and rideshare operators; retail hosts such as hotels, shopping centers, gas stations, and parking lot operators; and other stakeholders to deploy advanced charging technology to expand network availability and make it easier for drivers across the U.S. to enjoy the benefits of driving an EV. As a charging technology first mover, EVgo works closely with business and government leaders to accelerate the ubiquitous adoption of EVs by providing a reliable and convenient charging experience close to where drivers live, work and play, whether for a daily commute or a commercial fleet.

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