What has POSITIVE ENERGY & PULLING POWER aplenty? Plus see Munro’s ‘big’ reveal.

From Fully Charged Show.

It’s a wrap! The FullyCharged.SHOW team has delivered 55,000+ attendees across 3 FullyCharged.LIVE ‘festivals of electrification’ in 10 weeks (Australia, UK South & North). That’s tens of thousands of electric test drives, thousands of micro-mobility test rides, thousands of home energy advice sessions, thousands of home energy advice sessions, tens of thousands of attendees to educational live sessions,. Next up Canada & we can’t wait to do it all over again (after a short snooze).

The enthusiasm for ‘everything electric’ is infectious, each show improves upon the last, and we hope to host you at one of our events in the coming years (NB spot the event name change in 2024):

– Fully Charged LIVE Canada, September 2023 – NEW!
– Fully Charged LIVE USA, October 2023
– Fully Charged LIVE Europe, November 2023
– Everything Electric AUSTRALIA, February 2024
– Everything Electric LONDON, March 2024 – NEW!
– Everything Electric NORTH, May 2024
– Everything Electric CANADA, September 2024
– Everything Electric SOUTH, October 2024
– Everything Electric USA, October 2024
– Everything Electric Europe, November 2024

If your business wants to benefit from the most EV-ready, energy-savvy audience on the planet, get in touch via commercial@fullycharged.show

There are 4 episodes per week across our 2 YouTube channels, the Fully Charged SHOW and the Everything Electric SHOW

Huge heartfelt THANK YOU to those that follow FullyCharged.SHOW or travels to FullyCharged.LIVE
And to everyone behind the scenes that makes Fully Charged.LIVE what it is, we salute you!
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More info on the Munro launch can be found here: https://electrek.co/2023/05/19/munro-pickup-version-mk-1-4×4-ev-sells-out-production-truck/

Or see Jack’s review of the Munro Mk_1 here: https://youtu.be/MfNDkvGyoFM