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It’s safe to say that no car company divides opinion or generates headlines in quite the same way as Tesla. With the most fanatical (verging on the cult-like at times) following and a maverick boss at the top, following Tesla’s fortunes and failures delivers more entertainment that most Hollywood blockbusters.

However, after enjoying one of the fastest expansions in automotive history, Tesla has endured a sticky 12 months with the share price cratering and boss Elon Musk coming under fire for his $44b takeover of Twitter. The firm also missed crucial delivery targets and slashed prices – a move that upset recent buyers and led to a collapse in resale values.

Join Tom and Tom (yes, it’s confusing) as they discuss the thorny issue of what is happening at Tesla. With seemingly no new products planned for the European market in the near future, will buyers become bored with the ageing Model 3 and Model Y offerings? Or has Tesla’s price-cutting initiative been a masterstroke of marketing?

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