Wheel-E Podcast: E-bike licenses, Walmart e-bike mistake & more

From Electrek.co.

This week on Electrek’s Wheel-E podcast, we discuss the most popular news stories from the world of electric bikes and other nontraditional electric vehicles. This time that includes Burning Man e-bike ban, Walmart’s e-bike with backwards handlebars, NYC stopping e-bikes at the border, anti-VanMoof e-bikes, driver’s licenses for e-bikes in California, and more. https://electrek.co/?p=314039

Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the Wheel-E podcast today:

Why Burning Man may start banning electric bikes
Walmart has a super cheap 20 MPH electric moped but the handlebars are backwards
Why New York City wants electric bikes stopped at the border
After shocking bankruptcy, anti-VanMoof e-bikes like these may be the answer
California wants to create a driver’s license for electric bikes
Check out this awesome little electric sailboat you can tow with a bicycle