Why Can’t I Start a Charge? 3 Easy Steps to Charge Your Electric Vehicle – Charge Talk Ep #2

From EVgo.

Charge Talk Ep #2: Why Can’t I Start a Charge?

You’re not alone if you have questions or need help for your first fast charge. Learn about some of the most common questions and see how to initiate a charge on EVgo’s public fast charging network.

EVgo Charge Talk: Where EVgo’s leadership team comes face to face with your tweets, DMs, and burning EV charging questions. Follow along as we address some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

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EVgo is a leader in charging solutions, building and operating the infrastructure and tools needed to expedite the mass adoption of electric vehicles for individual drivers, rideshare and commercial fleets, and businesses. Since 2019, EVgo has purchased renewable energy certificates to match the electricity that powers its network. As one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks, EVgo’s owned and operated charging network includes around 900 fast charging locations, 60 metropolitan areas and 30 states. EVgo continues to add more DC fast charging locations across the U.S., including stations built through EVgo eXtend™, its white label service offering. EVgo is accelerating transportation electrification through partnerships with automakers, fleet and rideshare operators, retail hosts such as grocery stores, shopping centers, and gas stations, policy leaders, and other organizations. With a rapidly growing network, robust software products and unique service offerings for drivers and partners including EVgo Optima™, EVgo Inside™, EVgo Rewards™, and Autocharge+, EVgo enables a world-class charging experience where drivers live, work, travel and play