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If you’re thinking about buying an electric car or have just got one, you may be wondering why you need to shell out for a proper home charger. After all, all electric cars can, in theory, be refuelled from the standard three pin plug – like the one you have on your wall.

The quick answer if you REALLY can’t be bothered to watch our video for another two minutes is that they are safer, faster and will make your electric life SO much simpler. They can also pay for themselves in just a few years. But there’s a bit more to it than that!

Let’s start with safety, for example. Your electric car might come with a charging adaptor (known as a granny charger) that will allow you to plug your car into a three-pin socket.
But here’s the catch. It might look fairly innocuous, but that little box draws quite a hefty load from your mains. Household sockets aren’t really designed to take large loads for extended periods of time.

If we were charging a car like a Citroen ë-C4 from empty to full, it would need to be plugged in for around 23 hours. That’s a lot of what’s called ‘continuous load’ on a socket and if there are any weaknesses or slight faults in your electrics, things could start to get a bit lively.

With a purpose built charger, you don’t have to worry about any of that. A charging unit like this is connected directly to your fusebox – or consumer unit to give it its proper name. Wiring it directly to this means that there are no other loads on the circuit and if there’s any problem with the charger, it won’t take out any of your other appliances.

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