Winter EV Charging in Sub-Zero Conditions (Electrify America in the Cold + EVgo/ChargePoint Tested)

From Plug and Play EV.

Do "they" charge in the cold? Join us for a frozen, sub-zero tour of the big three public EV fast charging providers in winter, across Massachusetts. In this video, we put Electrify America, EVgo, and ChargePoint to the test in the coldest temperatures the state will see this winter.

We check out hardware from multiple vendors, old installations and brand new, upgraded equipment to see if we can break them in frigid conditions that prompted an early February weather warning.

Note that the SK Signet units tested in this video are the most commonly used type in EA’s upgrades across northern states, so if they work in these conditions, they’ll work in upstate NY and Michigan winters (the other locations at which they’ve been deployed).

0:00 – Start
0:17 – Intro
0:57 – Pre-trip "fast" charge to show cold pack baseline
1:35 – Electrify America | Auburn, MA (SK Signet 3rd gen)
3:55 – EVgo | Sturbridge, MA (BTC Power)
7:25 – Electrify America | Chicopee, MA (SK Signet 4th gen)
11:40 – Notes on Ioniq 5 battery conditioning & climate energy use
13:18 – Same EA with a conditioned pack
16:34 – ChargePoint | I-95/Lexington, MA (CPE250)
18:29 – Electrify America | Burlington, MA (BTC Power)
21:08 – Trip Summary

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