Yep, The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Was Worth The Wait! (Mostly)

From Alex on Autos.

The all-new Tacoma will delight and outrage an equal share of Taco fans with massive changes for 2024. The V6 is dead, a hybrid is optional, full-time 4WD makes a debut, the 2-door XtraCab is baaaack, and long live the manual transmissions!!! Also: Watch out GMC, the Limited trim is coming for your Canyon Denali…

Let’s talk major points first. It’ll be the only midsize truck in America featuring: a 2-door/2-seat trim, optional hybrid, power running boards, power tailgate, adaptive suspension, 14-inch LCD infotainment system, and a true center differential. (Although not all in the same model.)

Next, the controversy: The V6 is dead. All models, all trims get a 2.4L turbo borrowed from the Lexus RX and Toyota Highlander. It’s been revised for truck duty and is mated to an 8-speed RWD transmission (or that 6-speed manual). The engine comes in for power levels. The Tacoma SR will get a 228 HP / 243 lb-ft tune while the rest of the lineup bumps the engine to 278 / 317…. Except if you get the manual when it drops a hair down to 270 / 310. Or if you add in the hybrid system which adds an electric motor between the torque converter and the transmission to bump total power to 326 HP and 465 lb-ft.

Honestly, the turbo makes a great deal of sense. It adds much needed torque, will likely improve fuel economy a hair, and the 2.4L turbo is soon to be Toyota’s highest volume engine in the USA meaning likely lower repair and parts costs long-term. On the downside, if you want a V6 you have a limited number of choices now: Ridgeline, Gladiator and Frontier.

On the inside, the Tacoma gets a complete redesign. The four-door cab is about the same length as before but they have increased the height a bit and redesigned the seats. The result is a much more comfortable seating position and the new seats offer 4-way lumbar for the driver and front passenger in some trims. The suicide-door Access Cab is gone, replaced by the XtraCab. The 2-door XtraCab features two seats with extra storage behind the seating area and will only come in SR, SR5 and TRD Prerunner trims.

The Tacoma Limited is perhaps the most interesting model in the lineup. In addition to nicer interior parts and gadgets (like a full color heads up display and ventilated seats), it’ll offer Toyota’s first American market truck with a full-time 4WD system (hybrid only). Unlike the 4-Auto systems in the American trucks however, Toyota borrowed a Torsen center differential from the 4Runner. It’ll also get power running boards, gobs of chrome and a segment-first adaptive suspension.

What do you think? Did Toyota go far enough with the new Taco? Or perhaps too far?

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0:00 – New body, new cabs!
0:53 – All-turbo engine lineup
1:53 – New TRD Pro
2:41 – Check out the TRD Sport
2:59 – It’s got a manual
3:57 – Taco Limited
6:57 – The interior is all new too
11:21 – The seats are finally better
13:07 – Red leather is the bomb
15:00 – Say hello to trailhunter
17:42 – TRD Sport interior
19:39 – This might be the best "small" truck.