ZE0 Nissan LEAF PTC heater replacement

From Dala’s EV Repair.

Trouble codes; B2777 B277A B277B

EDIT: SOLVED! When this one gets solved fully I’ll update the description here:
– Inside of the old PTC heater: https://imgur.com/0KjX2Z7
– The customer replaced the "A/C auto amp", this removed all fault codes (still no heat)
– The customer then had the fuse replaced, and the heat started working!

Also check this excellent video on the subject of PTC replacements on early LEAFs, also contains the fuse swap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u19YogcC2H8
More info on PTCs: https://github.com/dalathegreat/Nissan-LEAF-PTC-heater-reverse-engineering

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