2000 Mile Tesla EV Roadtrip Saved By CCS – Slow V2 Superchargers, LFP Batteries, & Autosteer Update!

From Out of Spec Podcast.

Join Francie and Ryan as they discuss Ryan’s most recent 2000-mile EV roadtrip when CCS was actually preferred over Tesla Superchargers at points along his route from Colorado to California! Ryan talks about his route and how along the way the fact that only V2 Superchargers are available make CCS charging the preferred way to charge. They dive into how Ryan logs his Tesla Model 3 roadtrip data, the importance of charging speeds and locations of EV chargers, benefits of an LFP battery, hotel electric vehicle charging amenities, and how we think the charging experience might change with the switch over to NACS and more cars on the Tesla network.

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