2021 Mustang Mach E GT Contactors

From WeberAuto.

See the contactors of a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E GT high voltage battery. See the removal procedure and a functional demonstration of the contactors.

0:00 Start
0:08 Introduction
0:44 High Voltage PPE required for internal battery service
1:35 The location of the battery junction block with contactors
2:00 High voltage negative and positive connections
3:00 The purpose of the contactors
3:25 A measurement of the battery voltage (380 Volts) before the contactors
4:25 A measurement of the battery voltage (0 Volts) after the contactors
5:21 Different scenarios of contactor failure
6:19 DC Fast charge contactors
6:50 Removal of the battery junction box electrical connections
11:40 Removal of the battery junction box bolts
12:04 Removal of the battery junction box
14:15 MUST SEE: The partially disassembled junction block
15:10 Three different junction block and fuse options (RWD, AWD, AWD GT)
16:57 Corrections to my earlier descriptions
17:50 MUST SEE: What is a contactor? What does it do?
19:30 MUST SEE: See a live demonstration of contactor operation
22:30 The contactors are controlled by the 12-volt circuits of the battery energy control module (BECM)
23:10 MUST SEE: The high voltage sensing lines for each contactor
26:00 Four 95 nF capacitors
27:10 Contactor connections to the front and rear inverters
28:40 MUST SEE: The purpose of the pre-charge contactor and resistor
29:20 See the rear inverter connections and function
29:50 See the large capacitor in the rear inverter
30:35 Why you must charge the capacitors through the pre-charge resistor
32:35 The sequence of contactor operation for powering on the car
34:35 The current sensor
35:30 The fused electrical connections to the DC-DC converter, onboard charger module, cabin coolant heater, and electric air conditioning compressor.
36:57 The purpose of the Auxiliary Contactor
38:30 The low voltage battery electrical connection
39:10 The interlock circuits
40:00 The green circuit board for contactor control
41:50 The DC Fast charge input connection
44:10 The sequence of DC Fast charge contactor operation for charging the HV battery
45:28 Video Summary

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