Coolant Flow in Tesla’s Heat Pump System

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See the five modes of coolant flow in Tesla’s heat pump system. Learn about how coolant is utilized in transferring heat energy to and from various powertrain and high-voltage battery components during cabin heating or cooling. This same process is also applied to powertrain and high-voltage battery heating and cooling. This heat pump technology is integrated into Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y from 2021 and onwards.

0:00 Introduction
0:19 The components involved in the coolant loops
1:51 Series Mode – For cabin cooling and powertrain/HV battery cooling
2:17 Series Radiator Bypass Mode – For cabin heating
2:34 Parallel Mode – For cabin heating and powertrain/HV battery cooling
2:48 Ambient Source Mode – For cabin heating and powertrain/HV battery heating
3:14 Off Mode – For cabin heating
3:32 Video summary

Weber State University (WSU) Davis Campus – Automotive Technology Department – Advanced Vehicles Lab. A technical description and operational demonstration of the five modes of coolant flow in Tesla’s heat pump system.

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