Dodge Durango SRT 2 Year Update | Still Fun, Still Thirsty

From Alex on Autos.

Do as I say, not as I do is the motto when it comes to the Durango vs the competition. It’s not that the Durango is bad, far from it, but there are better options for most folks looking for a 3-row SUV. The competition offers more family friendly features, better fuel economy, longer range, more cargo room, more seats, more modern tech, bigger LCDs, panoramic moonroofs, etc. So what’s the point of the Durango? Well, two points: towing and V8 power. If you want a wicked fast 3-row that’s "easy" to park with your choice of 3 different V8s and nearly 9,000 pounds of towing you have one option: the Durango. Act fast however as the Durango is sailing off into the sunset soon.

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