2021 Mustang Mach-E GT – Extended Range Battery Removal

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See the removal procedure for the 98.8 kWh Extended Range Battery of a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E GT. This impressive 276 Ah battery has a nominal voltage of 347.8 Volts.

*Notice. Ford’s EV batteries are designed to be supported by a 60”x30” or larger lifting table. using a smaller lift table can cause internal battery damage.

0:00 Start
0:08 Introduction
0:50 How to lift the Mach-E for battery removal
1:55 Temporary neutral needed
2:38 The electrically actuated parking pawl
3:02 Why you must disconnect the 12 Volt battery
3:50 12 Volt battery disconnection
4:48 The under-car covers
5:35 Lifting the vehicle and draining the coolant
6:00 Two coolant hoses at the rear of the battery and four at the front.
6:25 How to disconnect the Twist II coolant connector
7:20 Examples of locked and unlocked coolant hose connections
8:08 Disconnecting the high voltage connector at the rear of the battery
9:43 Make sure the connectors are clean before removing them.
10:22 Disconnecting the four high voltage connectors at the front of the battery
14:33 What to do if the high voltage de-powering procedure fails
15:05 Positioning the OTC 1595 battery lift table*
18:54 Bolt removal and concerns
20:30 Special locking bolts
22:15 Lowering the battery and disconnecting the last cooling hose connector
26:30 repositioning the battery for cover removal
27:02 Battery crane lifting tools for swapping entire batteries
27:45 Battery weight = 600 kg (1322.8 lbs)
30:15 Removing the 64 battery cover bolts
30:47 The battery vent patch
31:52 Removing the battery cover
32:40 The battery module layout and cell configuration
33:25 MUST SEE: What gives the battery an extended range?
35:23 The battery junction block and the five contactors
37:13 The two different battery modules
38:36 The battery Energy Control module (BECM)
39:48 Video Summary

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