Epic Lucid Air Father/Daughter Road Trip To Maine! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From Out of Spec Dave.

Date of filming: Weekend of August 5th, 2023: Join me and my daughter Katie on a weekend getaway jaunt to Maine from CT where we had a blast. During this video, it’s clear that the huge range of the Lucid shines allowing us to not charge all the way from Fairfield County CT to Freeport Maine to visit the flagship L.L. Bean store. However, once up in Maine, learning that the scarce DC fast charging coupled with no Level 2 charging at our hotel proved to be a charging challenge yet again for this CCS equipped car. Lots of bad singing in the car, lots of great singing at the Gloria Estafan show in Ogunquit, eating too much Lobster, great conversation, and the making of incredible memories are prevalent in this fun video. One fun part is when I tell Bailey we are in Bath Maine and she ran away thinking I was going to give her a bath hahahaha…In addition, learn about Katie’s Wedding Planning business that she truly enjoys running and is super good at. Her clients love her! Please consider passing her contact information around to anyone who is getting married and needs a planner. Even though she is based in Tampa, she is able to coordinate weddings all over the country. Here is a link to her website:


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