TEN Transport Evolved News Ep. 453. UK’s Excuses, No NACs for LEAF, Volvo Dumps Diesel

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This week, the UK Government makes some pitiful excuses as to why it’s easing its push to electric, Volvo ditches Diesel, and why Nissan LEAF owners won’t be getting a NACS adaptor.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:38 UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pushes back ICE car sales ban, makes lots of excuses
01:32 – UAW Strike deepens, as confusion over strike purpose spreads
02:31 – Data from Recurrent shows that Tesla battery packs in colder climates have better long term health than those in warm climates
03:33 – BYD Atto 3, ORA Cat sit atop latest GreenNCAP ratings
04:34 – Hyundai Genesis and Kia both experience strong EV sales in August
05:34 – Tesla Model 3 catches fire after hitting debris on the road
06:28 – Volvo confirms the last Diesel car it makes will roll off the line early next year
07:24 – Federal investigation into Elon Musk and “Project 42” intensifies after Walter Issacson’s biography of Elon Musk is published
08:26 – MINI confirms the COuntryman Electric will debut in late 2024 as a 2025 model year car in the U.S. and Canada
09:17 – Kiwi firm CarbonScape Secures $18 million U.S. in funding to help commercialize its bio-graphite production process for EV batteries
10:07 – Sponsored Segment: UGears
11:34 – Hyundai offers a free charger and installation credit for new purchases in the U.S.
11:53 – European Union considering weakened Euro 7 Requirements
12:10 – New classic MINI restomod EV is $$$$$$
12:29 – ORNL showcases breakthrough for EV battery electrolytes for high speed charging, long life
12:46 – Tesla in talks to build a new gigafactory in Turkey
13:03 – Washington DC Metro area launches new e-bike incentive program
13:18 – Candela C-8 sets new distance record for electric boats in 24 hours
13:34 – BMW puts a stop sale on all gasoline motorcycles, meaning its e-motorcycles are the only ones you can buy for now
13:50 – ZF announces a new electrified semi-trailer for big rigs
14:08 – NISMO-badged Nissan Ariya spotted on Nurburgring
14:23 – Zeekr X SUVs head to Europe
14:39 – Morningstar investment predicts 40% EV adoption rate by 2030
14:56 – Munro EV debuts a new variant of its 4×4 – but it’s wearing the same registration plate as the original model?
15:14 – Kawasaki unveils its first production electric motorcycles – but they have terrible specs
15:30 – UK EV Subscription company Onto goes into receivership
15:45 – Tesla removes its most affordable MOdel Y from its U.S. store
16:00 – Volskwagen to close one of the production facilities where the ID3 is made
16:17 – Mercedes-benz confirms it has chosen a production facility to make the CLA EV
16:34 – Toyota teases its next-generation production line where it hopes to make EVs
16:49 – Hertz, Tesla implement Tesla-App control for Hertz Rental cars
17:08 – BYD Dolphin goes on sale in Japan
17:23 – Marriott Hotels joins forces with EV Connect for hotel charging
17:40 – Redwood Materials acquires a rival firm from Europe
17:57 – Nio announces convertible stock offering, leading share price to fall
18:13 – GM’s Ingersoll plant where Bright Drop vehicles are made won’t reopen until next year
18:29 – Hyundai speeds up its production plans for Georgia
18:44 – Florida proposes extra tax for EV owners.
19:04 – Joby Aviation chooses Ohio as home for its first production facility
19:20 – California Energy Commission launches $38 million fund for helping charging station installations in disinvested areas of the state
19:39 – President Biden announces Climate Corps
20:02 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
21:37 – California Energy Commission launches $38 million fund for helping charging station installations in disinvested areas of the state
22:27 – Nissan says it won’t be making a CHAdeMO adaptor for NACS
23:21 – Thanks, and Goodbye!