Heat Pumps Don’t Have To Be The Only Solution!

From Everything Electric Show.

Heat pumps aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Future homes will need to utilise a range of innovative electric heating technologies. In today’s episode Imogen takes a look at an alternative solution to a heat pump that could work for you. Could this be the Tesla of home heating?

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Tepeo ZEB Boiler: https://www.tepeo.com/

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Mixergy – Can This Hot Water Tank Save You Money? https://youtu.be/dK0yZygo7kA?si=hK8XtYqrvMzh-CLl

0:00 Intro
00:18 Did you know?
00:32 Heat pumps are not a one size fits all
00:51 What is a ZEB?
01:53 Living with a ZEB
02:46 What makes a ZEB a viable alternative to a Heat Pump?
03:06 Why a Tepeo ZEB?
04:16 Installation and software
06:36 Does a ZEB save money?
07:55 Why not a Heat pump?
09:26 Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels

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