Mercedes AMG EQS53 – Is this really the future of AMG?

From AutoEV.

Bryan has been testing a lot of high-performance EVs of late, and many have failed to back up their crazy speeds with driving dynamics to match. But the three letters of AMG gave us some hope with their interpretation of the excellent Mercedes-Benz EQS. Over 760bhp and in excess of 1,000Nm is more than enough to be fast, but does it enhance the EQS package? And more to the point, is this the future of the AMG brand? In this week’s video he subjects this leviathan to the only road test that matters when it comes to new electric cars – the AutoEV one.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
02:05 – Titles
02:12 – Meet the car
05:48 – Styling
11:28 – Practicality
16:00 – Interior
27:08 – Usability
28:32 – Performance & Handling
38:20 – Pricing
39:28 – Competition
41:47 – Pros & Cons
42:37 – Summary