Tesla’s 16V Li Ion Battery

From WeberAuto.

Check out the 16 Volt Li-Ion battery used in new Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y. Learn how to determine if your Tesla has one. Learn the location, function, battery self-protection function, and precautions of the 16-volt system.

0:00 Introduction
0:48 How to determine if your Tesla has a 16V Li-Ion battery?
1:25 The location of the 16V battery on a Model 3
1:50 The jump-start terminals of the Model 3
2:18 Owner’s manual jump-start cautions
2:56 Owner’s manual low-voltage power socket note.
4:18 Mislabeled 16V batteries
5:29 MUST SEE: Differences between 16V Li-Ion abs 12V Lead Acid battery
7:45 MUST SEE: The push-fit battery 16V electrical connector
8:55 The jump-start terminals of the Model Y
9:28 The Internal self-protection mode of the 16V battery
11:10 MUST SEE: Conditions for the MOSFET to open in protection mode
15:17 What alert is displayed with a bad 16V battery?
15:42 How to recover a 16V battery with an open MOSFET
16:08 The owner’s manual method of recovery
17:47 The service manual method of recovery
18:15 Disconnecting the 16V battery
21:12 The Toolbox 3 and service mode methods of recovery
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Weber State University (WSU) Davis Campus – Automotive Technology Department – Advanced Vehicles Lab. A technical description and operational demonstration of the Tesla 16V Li-Ion battery system.

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