The Marvelous Motors of the Mustang Mach-E GT

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See the Marvelous Motors of the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT. These motors are more powerful than Tesla Model 3 and Y motors. The front and rear GT motors are identical, with a few minor differences. See how to set the timing on a compound planetary gear set! This video is the sixth in a series about the Mustang Mach-E GT.

0:00 Start
0:07 Introduction
0:45 The Electric Front Axle Drive (EFAD)
1:08 The Ford Eluminator Mach-E Electric Motor
1:55 Compare front and rear housing sizes
2:20 The EFAD outer housing and components
4:19 MUST SEE: The EFAD Specification and Identification labels
5:48 The Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) outer housing and components
6:40 The ERAD Inverter
8:00 The ERAD Park Actuator Location
9:28 The ERAD is also used in the E-Transit Van
9:45 MUST SEE: The identical 8-pole rotors of the ERAD and EFAD
10:10 The power specifications of the ERAD and EFAD
11:17 The ERAD Parking Gear
12:17 The 33-tooth sun gears
12:30 MUST SEE: The identical 48-slot stators of the ERAD and EFAD
13:50 MUST SEE: The identical differentials and compound planetary gear set of the ERAD and EFAD
14:35 CJB Bearings
14:45 MUST SEE: The compound planetary reduction gear set
15:19 The ring gear has 117 teeth
15:35 Two-Stage Planet Gears with 59 teeth on stage one and 26 teeth on stage two
16:20 Calculating the gear ratio of a compound planetary gear set = 9.0454:1
17:00 MUST SEE: How to set the staged gear timing and phasing
21:34 A demonstration of the 9.0454:1 gear reduction
24:24 Cassette-style axle shaft seals
25:39 See inside the housings
26:07 See the electric oil pump and filter
28:02 See the removal of the large bearing
31:25 See the resolver for the permanent magnet rotor
32:33 MUST SEE: The identical 650 Amp inverters of the ERAD and EFAD
34:00 See the electric parking pawl actuator inside the ERAD
36:15 Video Summary

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1. What type of motor is used in the front drive unit?
2. What type of motor is used in the rear drive unit?